Welcome to my portfolio site!

I'm an experienced games developer having worked as a lead developer for Opposable Group and have developed many other games and products outside of work. I currently have interest in hearing about potential freelance opportunities but am also working on my own game "Corrupt Cup Contest!"

I specialize in multiple areas including graphics, networking and plugin creation, primarily in the Unity game engine. I've worked on games and applications for clients including Cartoon Network, IBM and Just Eat amongst many others. I've led development on numerous projects and have expertise in management and project planning.

Follow me on Twitter (@lukasroper) and visit the website regularly which will be updated regularly with new content.

Thanks for your time!

  • “Lukas is an asset to any development team, bringing with him a steadfast knowledge of several programming languages including C++ and C# and a keen problem solving mind. I’ve had the fortune of working with Lukas on our final year group project at UWE in which we were producing a commercial grade game for Windows PC and the Xbox360. Throughout the course of the project Lukas produced excellent work and made key contributions to the code base. His contributions exceeded that of all other team members, including myself. When tackling development problems together with Lukas I found him to be intuitive and resourceful in his approach to problem solving and together we were able to propose solutions to a number of technical issues we came up against while working on our final year project together. Outside of my work with Lukas I am aware he is very active in the games development community and has worked on a number of titles in varying scale. His portfolio carries a lot of weight as he has worked on some high profile titles as well as his own independent ventures.”
    — Josh Regan Red7Mobile
  • Lukas was brought in to help as part of our intern program over the summer of 2012 and quickly proved himself to have the ideal attributes for testing. Having honed his analytical skills as a developer he was able to focus these on the testing of other developers work; applying his development knowledge in an informative and insightful way. His attention to detail, thoroughness and great work ethic were self evident from the start of his tenure. He was very well regarded by all those that he worked with, from small projects through this sterling efforts on wharf was the largest development project of the year. I would greatly recommend Lukas to any future employer.
    — Ben Laine-Toner The Real Adventure