Date: June 2017

Role: Lead Developer

Platform(s): HTC Vive

Nefretiti Rebel Queen


Nefertiti Rebel Queen

Client(s): Sky

Nefertiti: Rebel Queen was developed for Sky VR and shown at the Venice Film Festival. The experience explores Nefertiti’s history interplacing games tech with real images and video.

I joined the project towards the end of project and was tasked to get the team’s work together into one cohesive experience. The project required careful technical expertise to ensure progress was made, performance targets were hit and all delivered within a very tight deadline.

My Role – In Depth


When initially joining the project, I joined in the last week of development on a project which had no technical lead and only had a group of technical artists to work with, to get the project into a polished experience. I had to quickly install pipelines throughout their process to try and speed up their speed of delivery and ensure I could tie their work into the project with minimal issue. Further to that, I had to demonstrate knowledge throughout the entire Unity engine so I could guide the artists from anything between lighting, to animation, to graphics optimization. Essentially to get the project together, I had to instill technical standards as otherwise we wouldn’t deliver.


This was the first project I’d done using Playmaker which was a very interesting plugin to use. Playmaker was really helpful in allowing the team of artists to add functionality to the experience without any coding experience. This took some of the workload off me and allowed me to focus on purely technical challenges. The main challenge with Playmaker was to ensure the artists used it in a consistent style so that anyone could amend a state machine if they needed to but with my technical management, we introduced a much better workflow.


The experience was shown at the Venice Film Festival where it received a “Commendation”.

Many thanks once again for all of your hard work getting the project ready for Venice. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Alice Young Assistant Producer

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