With the recent trend in cleaning, you've felt compelled to download "Tidy app", where Merry Condo will guide you on how to achieve domestic bliss. Through buying and clearing out furniture, you must look to keep your joy meter as full as possible by fuelling it with exciting new purchases as well as clearing items to make a tidier home. However, after each week Merry Condo's influence will keep growing and growing to the point so appease her words to stay joyful for as long as possible.

Buy Items on the phone and left click on areas in the apartment to place them. You can right click whilst placing an item to rotate it or if you wish to cancel a purchase press Esc. Once an item is placed, you can right click on the item to move or sell it. 

Keep an eye on the tips from Merry Condo to give you an indication of the trends to follow to try and avoid losing too much joy. Her words will have ever greater impact though and the stress of keeping standards will always grow. The game ends when you run out of joy so see how many weeks you can remain joyful for!