Date: September 2016

Role: Lead Developer

Platform(s): Android

Adventure Time: I See Ooo


Adventure Time:

I See Ooo

Client(s): Cartoon Network, Opposable Group

Adventure Time: I See Ooo was developed as a major release for Google Cardboard in conjunction with Cartoon Network.

You play as Finn, trying to free friends from the Ice King who invaded Finn and Jake’s treehouse party. The game features three mini games, each with twenty levels of varying difficulty which the player must complete to find out why Ice King doesn’t want to party!

As the lead developer, my role on the project was a major contributing factor to the overall quality of the game. I was involved in nearly every aspect of development.

My Role – In Depth

Graphics Overhead

This was a major challenge as the game needed to perform at 60fps or more consistently. We were struggling to maintain this and needed a solution. I added a feature which involved dynamic render texture resizing, dependent on the game’s current performance. If the game’s frame rate dropped below a threshold, the resolution of the game would be dropped by an increment and performance recalculated. This ensured less overhead, if performance was a significant problem, helping to ensure 60fps was always maintained. I’d have to carefully manage batches and overdraw as well, to lower the overall overhead on the GPU.

Project Management

My ability to project manage was also vital. I had to work in conjunction with my line manager to manage development resources as effectively as possible, with available resources regularly changing and a new programmer joining part way through the project. Careful management ensured the development team could be focused on specific larger tasks, which I could review regularly, whilst I focused on tying all parts of the project together. I was the primary representative from my department and had to work with the lead designer and artists closely.

Product Features

  • An original story
  • 3 games set in the Land of Ooo
  • 3 virtual rooms to explore in the Tree Fort
  • 20 levels to complete in each game
  • 14 characters to discover
  • Powerful items to find and use in the games
  • Additional elements unlocked when you achieve awesomeness
  • Original music from the show


In 2017, the app was nominated by the BAFTA Children’s Award in the Interactive category.

If you wish to play the app, it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android, iTunes for iOS or the physical headset can be bought from Forbidden Planet:

Google Play App Store Buy Headset

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