Date: 2015

Role: Development Support

Platform(s): PC, Oculus Rift

Akamai VR Experience


Client(s): Akamai, Opposable Group

Opposable Group was approached to develop a VR experience for Akamai to be shown at Mobile World Congress 2015. Akamai wish to show how their networking infrastructure helps major companies with their online activities.

I worked on the project mainly as technical assistance to the artist who developed the experience. My graphics specialism was used regularly to help ensure the project could perform and still look pretty.

The client was extremely happy with the end project. My colleague was very grateful for my expertise.

Cardboard applications which contain the experience are available from the links below:

Play Store iOS Store

Lukas was invaluable on the Akamai and AT&T projects. While it was easy for me to implement most of the visual elements, the projects required advanced visual additions needing an in depth knowledge of shaders and the render pipeline.

Dave Preston

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