Date: February 2016

Role: Development Support

Platform(s): PC, Oculus Rift

AT&T VR Experience


Client(s): AT&T, George P. Johnson, Opposable Group

AT&T’s VR experience was demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2016. AT&T wanted an experience to demonstrate a connected city and how AT&T’s technology can help. The VR experience demonstrates a fictional threat to a city.

My role was to help a junior developer with the project and to technically assist him as he needed it. I was more hands on towards the end of the project but broadly the project was left to the junior developer to handle on a day to day basis. I’d also offer technical input to the art team especially nearer the end of the project where we needed to make the performance as efficient as possible.

The experience was well received at Mobile World Congress.

Lukas was invaluable on the Akamai and AT&T projects. While it was easy for me to implement most of the visual elements, the projects required advanced visual additions needing an in depth knowledge of shaders and the render pipeline. Working with a developer who facilitated and bolstered the artists capabilities in the team notably improved the look of the final products.

Dave Preston

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