Date: June 2015

Role: Developer

Platform(s): iOS, Android, Web

Embarrassing Bodies


Client(s): Channel 4, Opposable Games

Embarrassing Bodies: Angry Boils is a free mobile game available now on iOS, Android and online.

The player is tasked with healing patients who have to walk through a doctor’s waiting room. Doctor’s have to be placed at the right points in the room to successfully heal patients. Think of it as similar to Plants vs Zombies.

I worked on plugin integration which included achievements for GameCenter, Amazon and Google Play using plugins from Prime 31. I also had to write custom plugins for Kissmetrics analytics and a custom Webview. I was also involved in programming UI elements and bug-fixing.

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This keeps me occupied on my killer commute. It's a huge game you can really invest some time in (and learn some interesting things along the way)

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