Date: September 2016

Role: Lead Developer

Platform(s): PC, Oculus Rift

George P. Johnson – IBM Watson

Opposable Group worked on a project for GPJ making a VR experience for Watson,  IBM’s supercomputer, which is used for a variety of purposes including medical research, cyber-security and much more. The VR experience is designed to advertise how Watson can be used to help manage a cyber attack.

I joined the development of the project quite far into the project, which up to that point a junior member of the development team had been the sole developer on. I made a considerable impact on the project, despite joining the project at such a late point and made major improvements to the project. My main responsibilities were to re-implement the main story-line based on client feedback, as well as work on improving the graphical polish of the project. I had some project management responsibilities as well, regularly talking to the manager at GPJ.

The product was successfully shown at Sibos2016 in September 2016. The client’s feedback was very positive and myself and the team had a very tight deadline to work to which we successfully hit.

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