Date: February 2016

Role: Lead Developer

Platform(s): PC, Oculus Rift

GSMA VR Experience


GSMA VR Experience

Client(s): Hurricane Media

Opposable Group developed a VR experience in collaboration with Hurricane Media to be shown at Mobile World Congress 2016. The VR experience was designed to highlight GSMA and how “the internet of things” will soon be shaping our lives.

The experience consists of five environments and the user can interact and travel to each environment to learn more about GSMA services.

This was the first major desktop VR experience I worked on as a lead developer. I worked in close collaboration with the technical artist at Opposable Group to put the experience together.

My Role – In Depth

Project Development & Scripting

The project development took about three to four months. We used a framework called Immerse as the base of the project and had to develop all the interactivity on top.

There was a lot of work managing the scripting of the project and ensuring that the script of a particular environment could be changed as easily as possible. This involved making a flexible, generic building block system which we could use to build the interactions in the scene.

Client Interaction & Networking

I was regularly involved in handling client interaction as well. We all worked very well together and had implicit trust in each other, allowing the project to come together quickly.

The other unique aspect to this project was the use of a phone as a method of interaction. We networked the phones and desktop applications together, so that tapping the phone be the primary input for the desktop application.

Product Features

  • Five high quality and detailed environments
  • VR development for DK2
  • Scripted interactions and storylines for each environment.
  • Networking across desktop and mobile
  • Demonstrated at numerous conferences including Mobile World Congress 2016


The client were extremely happy with the results and my performance. The client even bought me a present for my performance.

“The whole team did a great job and we’re all really chuffed. Special thanks to lukas for being super patient.”

Jon Mowat Managing Director

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