Date: November 2016

Role: Lead Developer

Platform(s): PC, HTC Vive

Just Eat VR


Just Eat VR

Client(s): Just Eat

Just Eat tasked Opposable Group with developing a VR experience to visualize their restaurant data. They wanted to use the Vive, to allow users to walk around and interact with a miniature version of London.

I led the development of the project working with Opposable’s 3D artist and 2D artist to create an engaging experience. We developed the finished product in just under two months and was the first project I had completed using the Vive. The system is data driven, using real data.

As the lead developer, my role on the project was a major contributing factor to the overall quality of the game. I was involved in nearly every aspect of development.

My Role – In Depth

Graphics Optimisation

During development, my graphics optimization skills were put to the test. The graphics overhead of the project was especially high, as the experience incorporated a day night cycle and has multiple dynamic objects. Both these factors contributed to a high batch count, which I had to dramatically lower. I used a wide range of tricks combining meshes at run-time, turning up to 2500 individual pin meshes into 5 larger mesh groups. We also used hardware instancing where possible.

Positional Sound

This was also one of the first projects where we could use positional sound to it’s full effect. Working with Joe from Lab Grown Audio, we managed to create a dynamic audio experience with your head position determining how much of the city you can hear.

Product Features

  • Data driven data visualization
  • Dynamic sound effects with OST
  • Narrative storyline
  • Ever-changing cityscape
  • Soft visuals

Post Production

The experience has been demonstrated at an event in London entitled “The Future Now – Redefining Food Discovery”. The clients were really pleased with the product and it was well received.

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