Date: N/A

Role: Developer

Platform(s): iOS, Android




Client(s): Opposable Games

Mycrobe was a prototype developed in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust. Like a tamagotchi, the game tasks you with looking after a Mycrobe and tasks you with ensuring you can meet your Mycrobe’s needs and desires. To do this you have to feed it, ensure it’s temperature is correct and play with it!

I was the main programmer on the game, programming all aspects of the prototype and significant tasks included programming the UI, games and AI. The product which was demonstrated incorporated two mini games as well as full customisation options for your Mycrobe. Development took about two weeks with me working directly with Nat, Opposable’s former Art Director, to create the product. This was probably the first game project where I was given full technical responsibility for the project.

Mycrobe was shown at Develop 2013, where it won the Wellcome Trust prototype development award.

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Working with Lukas was an absolute pleasure - he has a strong mastery of his craft, while also being confident enough to seek clarification and more information when appropriate.

With Lukas your code is in capable hands, and he gives projects his full focus and attention.

Nat Al-Tahhan Freelance Designer/Illustrator

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