Date: January 2013

Role: Developer

Platform(s): iOS

Sanbiki No Saru


Client(s): Opposable Games

Sanbiki No Saru was created at the Global Games Jam 2013 and involves three wise monkeys trying to decide who should and shouldn’t get into heaven.

The game is played as a multiplayer experience with each players controlling one monkey. See No Evil firstly has to determine where a monkey is in relation to himself by using 3d audio to determine whether the monkey is to the left, right or center of him. This then identifies a monkey for Hear No Evil, who can then see the same monkey and also see whether a monkey is good or bad. That player then has to press the good or bad button at the right time for Speak No Evil. Should both See No Evil and Hear No Evil perform their actions correctly, Speak No Evil can then see the monkey and also see whether the monkey is good or bad. Speak No Evil then has to open and close three gates and allow good monkeys into monkey heaven and evil monkeys into monkey hell.

We presented this and won the “Best Gameplay” award at the Bristol games jam.

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