Date: February 2015

Role: Lead Developer

Platform(s): PC



Client(s): VRGO

I was approached to help develop an initial prototype for a new peice of VR hardware called the VRGO. I developed the initial prototype as a proof of concept to prove that the idea worked before any major investment was made into the idea.

The prototype was demoed at SouthwestVR which proved popular to delegates who attended.

The VRGO is continuing development but I no longer work on the project in any major capacity.

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Lukas developed our first prototype that helped us launch our product into the market. Using a variety of skills he solved difficult problems to build up a plugin for the Unity engine that was reliable and demo ready. His determination and professionalism to the task gave me confidence that he would deliver on the project within time and on budget. I would recommend him highly to manage and build software applications for a wide variety of projects.

Joe Ryan VRGO

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