Games/VR Development

Proven experience developing games and VR experiences for Desktop and Mobile.

Graphics Programming

Specialist knowledge of shaders and rendering techniques, all with efficiency in mind.

Networking Design

Experienced in designing and implementing easy to maintain networking solutions.


Lukas has been in the games and VR industry for just under five years. He studied “Games Technology” at the University of the West of England graduating in 2012. He joined Opposable Games shortly after as a junior developer and quickly established himself as a key member of the team. During his time there, he went from a junior to a lead developer and began completing work on VR projects, when Opposable VR was formed. Simultaneously, he worked on several projects outside of his employment from small game projects to VR hardware prototypes. Lukas now sits between the games and VR fields with proven expertise in both areas and after leaving Opposable at the end of 2016, he’s pushing ahead with his own project “Corrupt Cup Contest” in between freelance projects.
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Opposable VR
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